Great blue slot at mostbet


The Great Blue at mostbet slot machine reveals the underwater world perfectly, with soft bluish colours and everything bubbling, gurgling and bubbling. Here at mostbet there are sharks, dolphins and turtles swimming everywhere, all smiling slyly at you as you play through the online slots. Dive for pearls and get totally immersed in gambling with PlayTech's Great Blue video slot at most bet.

What's lurking on the seabed at mostbet

Great Blue at mostbet has a pretty big betting range. For starters, there are 25 paylines and you can bet 1-10 coins per payline. Coins range from 1 cent to 5 euros. That is, you can play, putting all 1 cent. Those who like to play more seriously, can put as much as 1,250 euros per spin in most bet. The number of reels in this slot – 5, they can meet the various characters, they are 13.
Starting with the symbols from the pack of cards, they go from Ace to Nine in mostbeet. Not particularly lucrative, but they are often encountered. Payouts are triggered when you collect at least two of them on the first two reels on an active line. For 2 nines the bet will be multiplied by 2. Jacks or 3 nines bring 5 bets per line. The most powerful symbols in terms of payouts are thematic pictures. A row of starfish will give the player a prize of 500 bets. The biggest payout is 1,500, it will be for 5 turtles dropped in a row on the moatbet.
The killer whale is the wild symbol. It can participate in prize combinations consisting of other symbols. The special feature of the wild symbol is that it often appears 3 times on 1 reel, providing the opportunity to replace, for example, the 1st symbol on all lines. The Oyster with a Pearl is a scatter which opens up a bonus game with free spins.

The risk game at most bet

most bet

Once you get lucky and win something on your next spin at most bet, don't be in a hurry to take your money, you can double it, and then again and again. With every payout on the moatbet, you'll be playing a gamble by guessing the suit of the next card in the deck. More specifically, you must guess the colour, which is either black or red. That means you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your winnings on mostbeatbet. However, if you fail, you will lose everything. So, it is better not to risk a big payout and you can try doubling up on mostbeet for a small one. However, you don't have to, it's all at your own risk: that's what they are.

Oysters and pearls at mostbet

If you manage to catch 3 or more oysters on the reels, you get money and a bonus game at most bet. You have a few oysters in front of you and you have to open 2 of them at random. Naturally, they contain pearls, not money. Hidden in there are numbers that affect how many free spins you'll get, as well as the odds at which payouts will come in during the moatbet free spins. You can get up to 33 spins and all your winnings will be increased by up to 15 times. If scatters reappear on the reels during these free rounds, then you'll get 15 extra spins on mostbeet.

How wonderful is the deep blue sea at most bet

The most bet bonus game with free spins and big money – that's what everyone who is familiar with Great Blue slot says. As well as generous cash rewards, there's a great relaxing atmosphere. Turtles and bubbles relieve all the stress and relaxation. And the number of lines, betting range and various bonuses and risk games satisfy even the most sophisticated gamblers at mostbeet.


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